We were established in 2010 to provide a high level of service in the community.

M&O Electrical can assist in any type of electrical solutions in both commercial and industrial industry.
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M&O Electrical will provide competitive, high-quality electrical services and individual customer service. We focus on long term relationships with our clients in recognition of their needs and expectations. Our knowledge, experience, professionalism and pursuit of excellence.


We strive to build relationships with organisations by serving our customers with a personal but professional approach. Friendliness, courtesy, honest advice and good communication are key factors of our business.


We were established in 2010 to provide a high level of service in the community.
M&O Electrical can assist in any type of Electrical solutions in both commercial and industrial industry.

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Once every year to ensure a continuous boost in productivity / profitability. Our services are designed to improve each aspect of system reliability, and we execute them seamlessly, ensuring that your entire facility is protected around the clock, 365 days a year.



Cable Jointing

Cable Termination is the connection of the wire or fiber to a device, such as equipment, panels or a wall outlet, which allows for connecting the cable to other cables or devices.

Panel Wiring

A home’s electrical panel — what electricians call a service panel but what most people know as their “breaker box”— serves as the switchboard for the entire house’s electrical system.

Single Phase Wiring

If you’re not electrically minded, think of 1 (Single) phase power like a bicycle where only one leg (phase) is pushing on one pedal rotating around a crankshaft axis (neutral).

Electrical Maintenance

Advances in the design and quality of electrical components have made it possible for electrical systems to run for years without noticeable problems.

Fault Finding

By using a high voltage surge generator (thumper), you can pinpoint an underground fault exactly where it is. This special technique involves a cable thumper which is essentially a portable high voltage surge generator.

3 Phase Wiring

In a symmetric three-phase power supply system, three conductors each carry an alternating current of the same frequency and voltage amplitude relative to a common reference but with a phase difference of one third of a cycle between each.

Failures result from lack of maintenance.
Dust can build up in all electrical and moving parts and wear and tear is an important risk factor.